If you’re ready to attract the love of your life, without having to kiss a thousand frogs, then this sacred program is going to rock your world. As you heal and ascend into your divine feminine power, you’ll discover the art of becoming magnetic to your life partner. Manifest Your Divine Man, is a deeply spiritual journey that will change your life in every way, as your reclaim your inner Goddess and master the magic of intuitive guidance.

Now here’s one caveat …..We’ve decided to release limited spaces in the program, due to the level of service we’re deeply committed to. Manifest Your Divine Man, is an exclusive experience via application only.

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Bridget Engel is one of the world’s leading channels, the author of the renowned book Guidance to Go and the founder of the Manifest your Divine Man program. Bridget has a rare and potent power that alchemizes women’s lives by helping them to surrender the unconscious resistance that blocks them from attracting exactly what they desire and deserve in life. Her depth, wisdom and insight deliver life-changing transformation and healing.

Always extremely intuitive and sensitive to the spiritual realm, Bridget sensed from an early age that her mission in life was to teach women to have the courage to follow their unique voice and to shine with the confidence that comes from a deep connection with the Spiritual realm.
briget Certified as a Life Coach by the Coaching Training Institute CPCC and as a leading Angel Therapy Practitioner, Bridget has helped hundreds of women for the past 15 years partner with their Divine Guidance to step into their inherent power, manifest like super stars and enjoy their lives to the fullest. briget